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Product fee calculator for 2024

Type of packaging

Product fee rate [PLN/kg]

Statutory recycling target [%]

Mass of introduced packaging [kg]




Steel, including steel sheet

Paper and cardboard



Total recycling

Product fee amount:
ASEKOL PL offer:

In order to prepare an individual offer for you, please contact us: [email protected]

The agreement with ASEKOL PL guarantees:

exemption from the obligation to pay
the product fee

achievement of required recycling
targets for packaging

access to a modern, user-friendly software facilitating reporting and data entry

preparation of reporting – a package of annual reports regarding packaging

ongoing informational support regarding changes in regulations, payment deadlines, reports, etc.

opportunity to participate in free online training sessions and access to current information

In order to prepare an offer and agreement
for you, we invite you to get in touch:


For our clients, we implement Public Educational Campaigns, which are an integral part of our educational mission and social commitment.

We encourage you to read the report ‘Public Educational Campaigns by ASEKOL PL in 2022’, where we comprehensively present our initiatives, achievements and the impact of our campaigns on society and the environment.”

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