Extended Producer Responsibility
Organization (PRO) 

Your partner
in the collection and recycling
of electronic waste, 
batteries, and packaging


We are the number 1
in the market for
eco-logistics services.

50 000 tons

Asekol finances the collection and processes over 50,000 tons of
electronic waste annually.

300  red containers

We create a modern system for collecting small electronic waste for residents.

3 industries

We take on responsibilities comprehensively, covering electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, as well as packaging.


You’ve come to the right place!

In addition to fulfilling the introducing obligations, we also offer our clients advice on a wide range of environmental protection and waste management.


We organize webinars featuring specialists aimed at our clients. Our goal is to support our clients in achieving full compliance with regulations, which brings benefits not only in terms of legality but also positively impacts reputation and consumer trust. Our webinars constitute a crucial part of our commitment to supporting clients and providing them with the necessary tools for effective market operation.

Additionally, we provide ready-made training sessions implemented by the ASEKOL PL team, which you can access at any time. It will facilitate conducting business activities and settling obligations related to introducing packaging, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as batteries and accumulators.

Every year, we conduct dozens of educational and collection campaigns. We implement nationwide, regional, and local projects. We are actively involved in education through online platforms and social media. All team members actively participate in various educational initiatives, sharing their knowledge and ecological passion.


Proper collection of electronic waste is a priority for Asekol. For this reason, together with Enviropol, our processing plant, we have established a fleet of our own vehicles and a network of subcontractors nationwide. We also invest in the development of collection systems based on red containers for small-sized electronic waste. In our “partner collection points” project, we provide visual identification of collection points, educational support and dedicated containers for waste collection. We can confidently say that we are the number one in eco-logistics services. We are also developing our own software for reporting pickups and keeping records of transferred waste.

We invite you to collaborate!


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