Are you producing or importing electrical and electronic equipment or batteries? Are you planning to engage in such activities and are not yet registered in the BDO? Or perhaps you haven’t chosen or want to change the recycling organization? You’ve come to the right place.

We will help you through the registration process in the BDO registry or change your recycling organization. We’ll prepare all the necessary documents for you.

Our service prices are very competitive. Additionally, for producers collaborating with us in Poland and in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, we offer special discounts in all countries.

We also provide environmental advice on WEEE and batteries to our clients. We are happy to provide explanations, dispel doubts and conduct training.

We offer environmental consulting along with the preparation of reports on environmental impact, emitted gases and substances into the air (KOBIZE), as well as generated waste – Chapter XII of the BDO. We ensure the completion of the registration and updating application in the BDO.

For businesses introducing electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators into the Polish market, we offer the fulfillment of all obligations in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act and the Batteries and Accumulators Act.

In order to prepare an offer and agreement
for you, we invite you to get in touch:

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