Proper collection of electronic waste

Proper collection of electronic waste is an absolute priority for Asekol. In order to achieve this, we have established a strategic partnership with Enviropol, our advanced processing plant. Together with Enviropol, we have created a powerful fleet of our own vehicles and an extensive network of subcontractors covering the entire country. Our commitment to the development of collection systems is focused on innovative red containers dedicated to collecting small-sized equipment.

As part of our “partner collection points” project, we not only provide visual identification of collection points but also offer educational support and supply specialized containers for the collection of electronic waste. Our fleet of vehicles and an extensive network of partners guarantee effective and sustainable eco-logistics, making our services number one in Poland.

Additionally, we invest in the development of proprietary software, enabling easy reporting of pickups and meticulous record-keeping of transferred waste. We are confident that our innovative approach and continuous pursuit of excellence make us a leader in the field of eco-logistics services, ensuring comprehensive care for electronic waste at every stage of the process.

In 2014, ENVIROPOL PL took over an existing processing plant in Gliwice and from that moment on, the introduction of appropriate quality standards for collection and processing began. At present, several dozen trucks marked with the company’s logo operate throughout Poland, whose task is to service our collection system flexibly. Several hundred containers and bins for servicing municipal companies and PSZOK have been purchased. We also continually invest in processing technologies to process collected waste more efficiently.


We collect and process small electronic equipment of all kinds. The collected waste is directed to sorting and processing lines and then prepared for final recycling. We are a leading entity in the country in the management of this type of devices. It is worth mentioning that in the Czech Republic, we have a facility for recycling this type of waste, which is one of the most modern in Europe and in the world.


The plant specializes in processing equipment containing screens, both cathode-ray and new generation (LCD, LED, etc.). The processing lines ensure the appropriate processing efficiency and obtaining high-quality fractions.


In Poland, we still have insufficient awareness of the proper disposal of data carriers. They should be properly destroyed to avoid confidential data leakage. At the plant in Gliwice, we have a modern, two-stage HSM installation that ensures H5 destruction level according to the DIN standard.


We have a system of mesh containers and closed containers with a capacity of 36 m3, which we dedicate to collecting electronic waste in PSZOK and municipal companies. We provide and service the containers free of charge with our logistics systems. In addition, we have specialized containers for collecting lithium-ion batteries, which pose a real fire hazard in collection points.


Report the collection of electronic waste or batteries to us and see for yourself how fast and efficient our logistics is. Regardless of the quantity and dimensions of the devices, we are able to adapt the appropriate means of transport. Thanks to a large fleet of vehicles that covers the entire territory of Poland, we can adjust our routes to meet the requirements of our customers. With one of our customers, we conducted a statistic of pickup timeliness over the course of one year. The task was to pick up individual devices from the entire territory of Poland within a maximum of 5 days from the order. The result was a 96% on-time performance.


We are not afraid of unconventional projects. We have the necessary experience in the waste industry to meet any challenge. Our clients entrust us with, for instance, picking up used toners from their customers, which then need to be sorted by brand and confirmed with photographic documentation.

Our dedicated order handling system allows for supervision of such orders and enables customers to track their implementation in real time. Pickup of damaged lithium-ion batteries from laptops from individual users? We are already doing that for our partners! Or perhaps an on-site disassembly of

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