ASEKOL PL is part of a group of Extended Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO) performing introducing obligations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

We take on introducing obligations concerning electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, and packaging.

We have been dynamically developing since 2015 in the Polish market. In 2022, we became one of the three largest organizations for the recovery of electrical and electronic equipment.

We help manufacturers effectively fulfill their legal responsibilities related to the end-of-life of products.

We offer simple and cost-effective solutions and services supporting the operations of manufacturers.

Change, for us, represents an opportunity, not a threat. We embrace challenges and support creativity.

We utilize the latest technologies, employ the newest methods and processes.

We operate ethically and responsibly. We are loyal and build long-term relationships.

We increase public interest in recycling and environmental protection through creative educational campaigns.

The greatest asset of ASEKOL PL is people.

Our employees are professionals and experts in their fields, forming a team ready to take on the greatest challenges in the fields of recycling and environmental protection. Our dedication and knowledge constitute the foundation of our success, enabling us to achieve the highest standards in sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our team at ASEKOL PL consists of highly educated specialists with significant industry experience. People are the strength of our organization. Thanks to them that we achieve successes as a brand and dynamically expand in the fields of recycling and environmental protection.

It is our passionate and committed team that places us where we should be and allows us to reach the goals we set for ourselves.

Mirosław Baściuk
Member of the Board

Mariusz Rostkowski

Magdalena Owczarz
Key Account Manager

Piotr Bąk
Key Account Manager

Krzysztof Materzok
Key Account Manager

Ewa Skarżyńska

Anna Baściuk
Customer Service Coordinator

Jolanta Rządkowska
Key Account Manager

Marta Kwiatkowska
Specialist in Recycling of Packaging Waste

Beata Bartosiak
Environmental Consulting Coordinator

Magdalena Augustis
Environmental Consulting Department

Małgorzata Krueger
Project Manager

Klaudia Bzdel
Marketing Specialist

Monika Kacprzak
Finance Manager

Alena Gałązka

Malwina Gąsowska
Junior Accountant

Piotr Łotowski
Legal Counsel – Proxy of the Board

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